Are You a House Flipper - But Need a Way Out?

Are You a House Flipper - But Need a Way Out?

E.C. Inc. of VA is here to help!

After a purchase, circumstances or goals can change. We specialize in helping people that are experiencing problems acquiring funding to finish their flip.

Our team at E.C. Inc. of VA are experienced investors, seasoned house flippers, and a license contractors. We have the capability of solving problems such as: lack of time, skill and permitting issues.

Cannot Finish or Sell Your Flipped Property?

Let Our In-House Realtor Help You!

We provide an opportunity not to lose all of the money, time, and work that YOU have invested in a flip.

We also have an in-house realtor who can guide you through the listing and selling process, saving you time and money. Not every Realtor understands that flippers want to close as quickly as possible - to invest their money in the next deal! They are not aware of how much your holding cost will affect your profits per month, such as: light bills, insurance, water bill, interest on your money and rapidly changing markets.