Cash for Homes in Richmond, VA


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Get Cash for Homes in Richmond, VA

Get Cash for Homes in Richmond, VA

We're Pros at Flipping Houses

E.C. Inc. of VA is buying homes in Richmond, VA and the surrounding area now. If you need to get out of your home fast, call us right away. Whether you're struggling to find a buyer or if your house is in danger of foreclosure, we'll give you a cash offer.

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What do we do with the homes we buy?

The crew at E.C. Inc. of VA is doing more than just flipping houses in Richmond, VA. We're helping the community. We're giving people fair values for their homes in cash and transforming run-down houses and foreclosed homes into exceptional investment properties.

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If your house has you feeling trapped, contact E.C. Inc. of VA today. When you select us, we'll:

  1. Give you a cash offer for your house in its current condition
  2. Take care of all closing costs and other fees
  3. Provide prompt relief from the burden of your house