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Why Should I Hire E.C. Inc. of VA Rather Than a Realtor?

The Choice is Yours, but the Numbers Below Speak for Themselves:

We can give you a fair offer on your Richmond, VA home. E.C. Inc. of VA can save you time, save you money, and close fast! Compare our services to working with a Realtor:

Commissions and Fees:
Realtor: 6% (average) is paid by you as the seller
E.C. Inc. of VA: NONE

Closing Costs:
Realtor: 2% (average) is paid by you
E.C. Inc. of VA: NONE (we pay all closing costs)

Financing or Inspection Contingency?
Realtor: +15% sales fall through
E.C. Inc. of VA: NONE

Realtor: Sale is subject to appraisal
E.C. Inc. of VA: NONE- we make cash offers

Average Time on the Market:
Realtor: ~90 days (3 months!)
E.C. Inc. of VA: Cash offer immediately

Number of Showings:
Realtor: Multiple showings daily until house is sold in ~3 months
E.C. Inc. of VA: 1 showing to us!

Closing Date:
Realtor: 30-60 days after offer is accepted
E.C. Inc. of VA: Fast closings, you pick the date!

Repair Costs:
Realtor: Most likely you, though can be negotiated back and forth
E.C. Inc. of VA: NONE

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