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Richmond, VA is home to many beautiful historical houses. At E.C. Inc. of VA, we want to do our part to keep historical homes from being razed to create space for tract homes and subdivisions. To do this, we give homeowners a fair cash offer for the homes they are struggling to sell or take care of.

We're committed to keeping historical Richmond intact. If you're ready to sell your home, call E.C. Inc. of VA now at 804-240-0168.

Types of homes in Richmond, VA

The owner of E.C. Inc. of VA was born and raised in Richmond, VA. He's now raising his children in the area. This suburb of Washington D.C. is home to a variety of homes. When you visit the area, you'll find:

  • Craftsman-style homes featuring elegant porches, extravagant columns and low-pitch roofs
  • Victorian-style homes featuring asymmetrical designs, stunning decorative trim, and large windows
  • Mid-century homes featuring ranch and split-level styles and eclectic designs

The large companies trying to build tract homes in Richmond, VA aren't your only option when you want to sell your home. Contact E.C. Inc. of VA today to receive a cash offer for your home.